2022 CBMS

CBMS Computer Assisted Web Interview (CAWI) Application


Logging into CAWI

  1. Go to https://cbms.psa.gov.ph/open in new window
  1. Click Username and enter your username. The username is the Email address used to register a CAWI account.

  2. Click Password and enter your password. One-time password (OTP) will be sent to the mobile phone number registered for the CAWI account.

  3. Click Submit.


Online Questionnaire Sections

Section 1


Section 2


Section 3


Section 4


CAWI Features

1 Automatic saving

  • This feature is triggered when users toggle between Sections. (See picture below.) The system will autosave all the data entered in the previous section.
  • Users can also trigger the save function by pressing CTRL+S.
  1. Automatic prefilling of saved data
  • After the user saves the data, user can access saved data even after logging out/switching to another computer. The system will auto-load all the data from the last data entry session.
  1. Multiple Login Instances
  • Users are allowed to login to one/single or same account at the same time on multiple devices/computers. But each user in each device/computer should answer unique Sections

  • An acceptable scenario or example:

Users online at the same timeUser 1: JuanaUser 2: Juan
Login credentialsFor Brgy. AFor Brgy. A
Section being answeredSection 1Section 2
Please do not answer the same section on different devices (i.e., Section 1 in both computer and tablet). This may cause inconsistency on the data that can be saved in the system.
  1. Automatic Skipping of Question
  • The CBMS BPQ CAWI system will automatically show the succeeding questions depending on the user’s answer.
  1. Accessible application anytime
  • Users are allowed to access the CBMS BPQ CAWI system anytime as long as they are connected to the internet, and they have the authorized log-in credentials.
  1. Validating Answers
  • Users can also verify the answer by clicking on the “Review Answer” button on the lower left part of the questionnaire.
  • A dialogue box with four tabs will appear. Each tab contains the unanswered items per section. Address all items in the list by clicking on the X mark adjacent to each item.
  • Upon clicking on the X mark, you will be redirected to that specific item inside the questionnaire.
  1. Chatbot
  • Users can use this feature to communicate with the staff-incharge of the CBMS within the PSA, if they have questions or other inquiries.
  • The chat icon is located on the lower left of the webpage.
  • Provide your name, barangay and city/municipality, so that the staff can address you properly.
  • Enter your query/concern/question.
  1. Forgot Password
  • Users can use this feature to receive a new password if forgotten.

      1. Click Forgot Password?
- 2. Enter your email address that is used to register CAWI.
- 3. A new temporary password will be sent to your mobile number
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