Part II - Barangay LGU and Record-Based Data

C. Road Networks

The Philippine national road network is in a continuous state of improvement as it plays an important role in the economic development of the country. The condition of national roads is often used as an index to assess the extent of the country’s progress.

These data will provide information that can be used as a gauge in monitoring the progress of road surface, so as to assess and compare existing and previous road lengths which are utilized in planning and programming of the Philippine road network. These are very useful information to give support to decision-makers from government and private sectors on the future plans and programs in their area of concern to spur economic development in accordance with national development goals and objectives.

Take note to record ALL roads that are present in the barangay and passable by vehicle. by adding rows to account for multiple entries.

C1. Are there (type of road surface) roads/streets present in the barangay?

Road surfaces may be made of paved concrete, paved asphalt, unpaved gravel, or natural/unpaved earth.

I. Paved Concrete - A mixture of cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water.


II. Paved Asphalt - A type of road structure made of a mixture of asphalt, or bituminous materials.


III. Unpaved Gravel - Roads formed and surfaced with an imported gravel material.


IV. Unpaved earth - Earth roads are formed only and have no imported material. Include here also unpaved earth pathways of vehicles that are often used.


If the Concrete road added asphalt as its top layer, record it under Paved Asphalt.

In case, the road/street has multiple type of road surface, record it accordingly. For example, the road/street has 4km paved concrete & 1km unpaved earth record both in paved concrete and in unpaved earth.

For each kind of road surface listed, indicate whether is present in the barangay. If the answer is No, the system will automatically proceed to next type of road surface. If the type of the road surface is present in the barangay, select on “Add Road” and fill-in the following:

C2. What is the name of the ______ road?

Enter the name of the road/street provided by the respondent. Be specific and avoid abbreviations of the street name.

If the road has an old/former name, please put such information in the NOTES/REMARKS section.

For roads without names, please enter in the space provided a detailed description and/or a landmark beside it.

C3. What is the length of the road/ street? (in km)

Question C3 pertains to the length (in kilometers) of the road/street. Enter the exact length of the written road/street in terms of kilometers, decimal points can be accepted.

Whenever possible, refer to official documents. If these documents are non-existent, you may use Google Maps to estimate the length of the road in new window. Using the computer browser or your phone, pin the start point of the road and put another pin on the endpoint of the road. An estimate of length will appear.

C4. Which institution maintains the road/street?

This question asks about the operating institution that maintains the road and/or street. Enter the corresponding code.

1Private (Business/Profit-Oriented)
2National Government
3Provincial Government
4City/Municipal Government
5Barangay Government
6Government-Owned and Controlled Corporation
7Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)/ Non-Profit Institution Serving Household
8Don’t Know

In some cases, the road/street is maintained by multiple operators. In this case, record the operator who regularly pays for the maintenance of the road/street.

C5. What is the present condition of the road?

This question inquires about the present condition of the road/street based on latest observation of the barangay LGU. Enter the corresponding code.

The possible road conditions are as follows:

1Good. Little or no maintenance required (routine maintenance needed)
2Fair. Needs some partial/full depth repairs (preventive maintenance needed)
3Poor. Needs extensive full depth repairs, some full slab replacement/rehabilitation
4Bad. Needs to rebuild pavement (total reconstruction needed)
5No Assessment. The respondent does not have any idea on the current condition of the road.

Take note to record ALL roads that are present in the barangay and passable by vehicle. by adding rows to account for multiple entries.

The team supervisor assigned will check the condition of the road/street during the data collection phase. Community validation will also be done to verify information gathered from this data item.

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