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Instructions in Filling Out CBMS Computation Sheet


The CBMS Computation Sheet is used to record computations of the EN. Data items such as age, number of hours worked, family income, area of parcel, total food consumption/expenditure on food items, and area/volume of palaisdaan/aquafarm will require computations. Thus, such computation sheet will come in handy.

Each CBMS Form 2 should have a computation sheet attached to it. It is important to record computations so that the TS/CAS/Head CAS and data processors will be able to rationalize the entries or responses in the abovementioned data items.

Instructions in Filling Out Computation Sheet

  1. Fill out the Geographic Identification panel. Record the region, province, city/municipality, barangay, enumeration area, BSN, HUSN, HSN as well as the name of respondent. Make sure that the geo-ID recorded here is the same as the geo-ID of the CBMS Form 2 (HPQ) of that particular household.
  1. On the Computation Sheet, record all computations. Use the list of food items to be considered for food consumption expenditure computation as reference. Note that food items that are own-produced by the household (i.e., part of family sustenance activities) should also be valued in PHP.
  1. Use the lower portion of the Computation Sheet to record Remarks about the interview/household.

  2. On the bottom part of the computation sheet, write your EN code and name. Affix your signature and date the interview was completed.

  3. Refer to Illustration 14.1 below for an example of an accomplished computation sheet.

  4. During weekly meetings, submit the computation sheets of the uploaded data files/completed interviews to the TS who will then transmit these to the CAS, HCAS and so on. Such will be part of the completeness checks of the supervisors and data processors. Regardless of the mode of data collection, a computation sheet should be prepared and submitted by the EN.

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