Food consumption can be used as a proxy indicator for malnutrition as it is assumed that families not having enough purchasing power to meet the official food thresholds are deemed to be subsistence poor and may not be able to consume the minimum nutrient requirements.

This includes food of the family consumed at home and outside the home. It EXCLUDES the food consumed by the persons employed by the family, boarders and other persons not related to the family, and food spent for pets. Food consumed by the family and its guests on special occasions during the reference period are also EXCLUDED here.

Begin by reading the section introduction to the respondent:Begin by reading the section introduction to the respondent:

“In this section, we would like to ask about your family’s food consumption expenditure.”

I01 and I02: Family’s usual or average food expenditure

Ask the respondent, “Now, please think about the last 12 months. How much was the family’s usual or average expenditure on food consumed?”.

Note that the amount to be reported in I01 includes food expenditure consumed on a regular basis. You may refer to the computation sheet for the list of food items, to guide you in breaking down the usual food consumption of the family.

You can also probe by asking, “How much of the total family income was allocated for food consumed in the past 12 months?”.

Some families may have budget or expenses on a monthly or bimonthly basis. Record the amount reported in I01 and the corresponding frequency reported in I02.

1Per day365
2Per week52
3Every 15 days24
4Per month12
5Entire year1

I03: Family’s occasional food expenditure

Ask the respondent, “How much was your family’s expenditure for food items that were consumed occasionally (every 2 months/three (3) months/semestral/once a year)?”. Enter the expenditure on food consumed occasionally in Philippine peso.

Occasional food expenditure may include food consumed outside home, food bought occasionally, like cake (not for birthday), pizza, lechon, etc.

I04: Total annual food consumption

CAPI will automatically compute the total annual food consumption. If PAPI is used, however, you need to compute the total annual food consumption manually using below formula:

Total annual food consumption = (I01 × multiplier in I02) + I03.

Respondent’s answer in I02 is PhP10,000 on a monthly basis with occasional food expenditure (I03) of PhP5,000.

Total annual food consumption = (10,000 × 12) + 5,000 = 125,000.

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