The CBMS Management Information System (MIS) is developed by the PSA to facilitate authorization of devices and personnel, assignment of workload and monitoring of progress of the 2023 CBMS operations.

This chapter discusses the CBMS MIS and provides instructions on how the users of the CBMS applications and systems can prepare their login credentials and devices for the 2023 CBMS CAPI implementation. During this phase, strong and stable internet connection is required.

For 2023 CBMS, only one (1) application shall be installed in the Android tablet of both the ENs and his/her supervisor. User and device registration come first before the data entry application can be accessed. During this phase, strong and stable internet connection is required.

The following are the instructions/steps on how to access the CBMS MIS.

  1. TS and EN shall be registered in the MIS provided the following information: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Extension Name, Email Address, Address (Region, Province, Municipality, Barangay), Complete Address, Contact Number and Role. Also, the personnel will be identified whether he/she is PSA or LGU hired.

  2. The supervisor shall provide the system generated Username to TS/EN once registered in the MIS.

  3. Through the MIS, a One Time Password (OTP) shall be sent to the registered mobile number of TS/EN.

  4. To register the device, TS/EN shall provide to his/her respective supervisors the QR Code that can be generated by clicking the QR Code Icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

  5. After successful device registration, the user will log-in using the provided Username and OTP as his/her password. After logging in, the user will change his/her password. The user is advised to keep a copy of his/her new password for reference.

  6. Once registered, HCAS shall assign the workload of every user through the MIS.

  7. The user can now download his/her workload by clicking the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of the screen, functions for downloading the workload and geoPackage will appear right after. These two functions will be clicked by the enumerator to download his/her workload and reference map. After the successful downloading of the mentioned files, the user can now select his/her city/municipality, barangay, and EA.

How to Update the Version of the CBMS Mobile App

  1. Tap on System Version. Check the current version of the app.

  2. You may also look at the internal storage of the tablet to check the version of the CBMS mobile application.

  3. Connect to the internet. In the application, click the hamburger menu icon.

  4. In the application, tap the System Version.

  5. If the application system version is not updated, a pop-up window will appear saying that the: “CBMS Mobile Application is outdated. Do you want to update your CBMS Mobile Application?”. Click Confirm.

  6. Wait for the download progress monitoring bar to complete.

  7. When the downloading of the system update is complete, a message “Downloaded successfully” will appear.

  8. Note that even after installing the new apk of the CBMS Mobile Application, the application still remains at its current apk version. In this example, the application is still at v. 2.2.5 even after installing the v. 2.2.6 apk.

  9. To trigger installation of the new app system version, go to the internal storage of the tablet. Tap on the apk of the CBMS Mobile application’s new version.

  10. A pop-up window will appear. Click on Install.

How to Update the Version of the HPQ CAPI App PEN

  1. Connect to the internet. On the tablet’s splash screen/home screen, tap on CSEntry.

  2. Click on the kebab menu icon. This is located at the upper right-hand corner of the application page.

  3. Select Add Application on the menu.

  4. Select QR Code. (Note that the Focal Person will provide the QR Code to you.) The tablet’s camera will turn on. Then, capture the QR code.

  5. Let the application update. A download progress monitoring bar will appear.

  6. When the download/ updating is completed, the download progress monitoring bar will disappear. You should be ready to use the updated HPQ CAPI App version after this.

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